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Coming home to my dear old U.N.C.L.E.

After all these years, time to revisit Manhattan, my favorite tailor Mr. Del Floria, and those very dashing friends of my youth, particularly that fine Russian fellow, Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin.

Based upon recently received intelligence, I have reason to believe there are others here like myself. My mission is to find them and join forces with them.

Please, come inside for a more complete briefing.

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yo ho ho smile

Whatever you believe, this man is a true inspiration...

                                                                          I grew up listening to this man, and as I watched this video, what he terms his final message to the world - recorded in his home and aired for his 95th birthday, I cannot help but reflect that his final message is the same as his first message:  The Cross, first, always, and only The Cross.  What a steadfast, committed life.  What a reflection of the One served in the one who serves.  God bless you, Billy Graham.  And thank you for your life of humility and service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

So... what do you think?

As we draw ever closer to the November elections, it's no surprise to start seeing politically oriented posts appearing on LJ. I've read the recent posts about Republican candidate Akin and his (pardon the pun) ill conceived words about "legitimate rape". We've already endured Weinergate, with the ensuing demands for and subsequent resignation. Just a day or two ago, republican Kevin Yoder drew fire for a reportedly 10-second skinny dip in the Sea of Galilee.

And, now, there's this...

Minn. Rep. Kerry Gauthier caught with zipper down... literally. Admits to having ‘no strings attached’ sex with 17-year-old boy at rest stop, police say


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So, what do you think? Is it a private matter, of no consequence in an elected official? Should he withdraw from his bid for re-election? Should he resign immediately? Lots to ponder here...
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just breathe

And at last, I can breathe again...

Some of my friends may remember that one of my recent posts (which was still months ago) was about the light at the end of the tunnel perhaps not being a train. Well, at last I'm approaching that light, and I suppose I could describe it now more like a taxi. Explanation: that job interview that I had months ago finally bore fruit, and I have been offered a position. It will not begin until December, unless finances are found which will allow me to start sooner, but since my current job vanishes state wide at the end of December, knowing I will be able to transition to this new position definitely allows me to draw a good deep breath for the first time in months. I just want to say thank God!
giuoco piano

The Giuoco Piano Affair (Act I)...

On to the next episode in Season 1, The Giuoco Piano Affair. This ep sees the return of two of our boys' most ruthless villains, Gervaise Ravel and Harold Bufferton. Though perhaps Bufferton is merely the lapdog of ruthless villainess Gervaise. At any rate, there's lots of action, some sparkling dialogue, and one of the most entertaining scenes, imo, in the first season. But to find out of which I speak, you must join me...

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